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An unassuming man. Behind a cool and quiet demeanour hides a warm, loving and caring man with a great sense of humour. He loves being outdoors in the Sun being physically active, whether swinging a hoe or a golf club. He is appreciative of the beauty of flowers, plants and trees in natural surroundings. He says this is “God’s Best Work” and is passionate about conservation and the preservation of everything natural. He is very concerned about global warming and its effects on the Geosphere and Biosphere. He believes that if there is one thing we can do to save our planet – go organic!

‘The greatest use of life is to build something that will outlast it’ – Unknown

This philosophy of life and the shared vision of the founders to create an
innovative and dynamic organic science company, developing sustainable
solutions essential in the creation of a better, safer and healthier life lead to the birth and formation of Blue Oak Valley

Her zest for the finer things in life was moulded by her sophisticated upbringing. Growing up, she was surrounded by beauty and class. A perfectionist, Lilly has a gift for turning the ordinary into the extra ordinary. Her experience of running three beauty salons exposed her to the hazards of working with inorganic cosmetic products. Coupled with her passion for farming and the environmental issues facing our planet today, the idea of creating personal care products from natural botanical resources that are ecologically friendly and safe for human consumption was an instinctive one. Malaysia being in geographically close proximity to the great traditional cultures of China, Japan, India and the agrarian societies of Indonesia and Thailand with their ancient proven herbal recipes provided the biochemical backdrop in the birth and formation of Blue Oak Valley. Lilly insist that every product is thoroughly tested and used by a select group of demanding friends and family. Products are only released to the marketplace with their stamp of approval.
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