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She is all about conservation and
protecting our planet. Never stops preaching about the virtues of avoiding plastics and BYOB (Bringing Your Own Bottle). She is the WWF TX2 tiger Ambassador for Malaysia and together with her husband Nash was selected as the most popular celebrity couple in Malaysia for 2009. She is passionate about people, animals and the environment. It was only natural for Sazzy to channel her drive and energy towards the creation and development of our organic line of personal care products. In her spare time she helps the homeless and contributes to various other charitable causes

Fiza was raised with a keen respect for the biosphere, geosphere and the
socio-sphere. Fortunately, like most
young people in her age group, she is conscientious about consuming
products that are virtuous and
environmentally friendly. Being vein,
she searched for the perfect personal care and skin care products that met
these criteria but realized that there is a lack of availability of high quality
organic personal care, skin care and
baby care products. In her spare time she serves food to the homeless.
Baby Kingdom - Baby Care Felicity - Skin Care Lilly - Personal Care Green Republic - Household Gift Set
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