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Organic Laundry Detergent
Name: Organic Laundry Detergent
Code: GR02
This product is made from pure plant ingredients. It is a powerful cleaning agent with multi-purpose cleaning functions. It removes stubborn stains effectively while being gentle on your hands;is environmental friendly; non-toxic and biodegradable; protects you from the harmful effects of chemical agents; leaves a refreshing scent; Low suds (washing machine safe)Multi-purpose washing function and powerful cleaning effect. Removes stubborn stains effectively while being gentle on your hands.
Net Wt: 1000ml/35 fl.oz

Live mineral elements, natural plant extract minerals, coconut oil, lemon extract, salt, essential oils.

Use 40ml of detergent per wash (5kg load). For heavy stains, Pump the detergent directly onto the dirty spot and soak for overnight. Then, scrub with hands and rinse with water. Can be used as multi-purpose detergent??loor, toilet, car wash.

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