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We Only Sell Organic Products

All the products sold by Blue Oak Valley contain certified organic or certified biodynamic ingredients. We use only botanical extracts as ingredients. Our products are:
Made under fair trade conditions
Cruelty free
Carbon neutral and biodegradable
Preserved naturally with Essential oils
Made of 100% botanical extracts
Our products are made from ingredients that provide high efficacy and work synergistically with your skin

Products from Blue Oak Valley are made with ingredients to provide the ideal nutrition required to maintain a youthful complexion and assist in skin regeneration: Includes antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, herbal extracts, flavonoids, essential fatty acids and polyphenols

Our products are free of questionable, synthetic or potentially toxic ingredients!

Our products do not use:
Parabens or Sulphates [Sodium Laurel Sulphate (SLS) or Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES)]
Animal by-products
Synthetic substances
Propylene glycol
Artificial colors and fragrances
Our Products are infused and energized with Bio-active Energy(BAE)

BAE is a form of natural and pure energy derived directly from the Sun. Using a proprietary technology it is harnessed, balanced and stored by integration into natural minerals extracted from the earth. BAE is a scientific breakthrough that is revolutionizing life the world over. This energy is pure, natural, non-magnetic and biologically enhancing. More importantly, using a proprietary technology, the energy can be reproduced and 'stored' by infusion and integration into minerals, metals and liquids. Objects infused with BAE become energized. Some known effects of infusing BAE :
destroy and inhibit the growth of cancer cells;
reduce and alleviate pain in the human body;
revitalise plants and soil to achieve accelerated growth;
increase the efficiency and power of your motor vehicles;
keep living cells alive longer;
neutralise air contamination and reduce water pollution;
improve your general health;
counter the effects of the various harmful radiations integral to our daily life;
increases sexual prowess and virility......
100% Secure Shopping

We use the latest security technology, including industry standard 256-bit encryption, in order to provide the safest possible online shopping experience.

Complete Privacy Protection

We do not sell, share or otherwise disclose any information about our clients. Privacy Policy

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